Brand Ambassador Program

We’re looking for health/wellness and fitness influencers to help promote Align and educate the masses about the wonders of sea moss.

There are three ways to participate and you can do either or a mix of any of them:

  1. Get wholesale rates on product and sell it yourself.
  2. Get a discount code and affiliate link to send it to your followers for them to order on this website.  Whether they use the discount code or your link, you will get commission for the sale.
  3. Recruit other influencers and earn commission when they make an affiliate sale on our website.

The influencers with the best performance will also get free product and swag from time to time.

How much can you make?

The recommended amount of sea moss gel for one person is 32-64oz per month, which is about $35-$70 per month.  At 20% commission, that’s $7-$14 per month per person.  So if you have 10,000 followers and can convert just 1% of them, that’s 100 people times $7-$14, or $700-$1,400 per month.  If you buy the product at wholesale to sell yourself you can make at least double that amount.  Not to mention if you bring in other influencers to sell Align products, you’ll make 5% of their sales too.  So you can see that your passive, side-hustle income can really add up fast!